Helisika Helicopters

Specialising in Commercial Helicopter operations, Helicopter Lifting, Fertiliser spreading, and spraying applications.

Helisika Helicopters are CAA approved licence holders for all Commercial and Lifting operations, Land survey, photography, filming, heli-fishing and passenger transport. Agricultural spraying and fertiliser operations...

Squirrel B2,
Jet turbine powered helicopter with over 1,000kg on hook lift capacity. Seating for 5 passengers and also can be fitted with a stainless under belly tank for spraying.

Bell Jetranger,
Jet turbine powered helicopter with over 400kg on the hook lift capacity. Seating for 4 passengers and also can be fitted with a stainless belly tank for spraying.

Helisika helicopters
have invested in a wide range of ground support equipment including a Merlo teleloader, a large transporter truck with a 10metre Palfinger crane to move loaders and fertiliser mixing systems. Toyota Landcruisers for carrying support equipment and mobile Jet fuel tankers. All Helisika helicopters equipment is staffed by highly trained ground support staff that is in constant radio contact with the pilot for safe efficient operations.

Helisika helicopters have a wide range of helicopter role equipment including
  • Stainless Steel Spray Systems for each Helicopter
  • Low Drift spray booms
  • Micronair Spray Booms
  • On board flow meters
  • On board load cells
  • Underbelly hook systems
  • Metal Skips
  • Concrete Skips
  • Chains, Strops, nets
  • Futurespread revolutionary Suspension Fertiliser Spreading System
  • Dry fertiliser buckets
  • Monsoon Buckets with foam injection
Helisika Helicopters GPS Guidance System and mapping system all agricultural spraying and fertiliser operations are undertaken using Trimble Trimflight 3 DGPS Guidance System for accuracy within 1 meter. Farm and forestry maps can be loaded onto DGPS from our Tumonz mapping system reducing the cost to the client.

Rapid Reponse Fire Fighting Service
Helisika Helicopters offer a rapid response Fire Fighting service with portable monsoon buckets and highly trained ground support crew, fuel tankers and 4x4 vehicles.

Photographers and Film Makers
Our B2 Squirrel is a favourite with Photographers and film makers as it is equipped with a drop down window and 2 sliding rear doors.

Helifishing Trips
Helisika Helicopters offer Heli fishing trips and can get you onto the big ones around the Great Barrier Island and the northern tip of the Coromandel.

Helisika Helicopters Safety
Helisika Helicopters hold a current 137 Agricultural Certificate, a current 135 Air Operation Certificate which requires us to have a full set of complex operating manuals ensuring an extremely high standard of aircraft maintenance and safety systems to comply with this CAA certificate.

Greg Gribble, Owner Chief Pilot has over 20 years experience flying helicopters from Hughes 300’s Hughes 500’s Bell Jetranger, AS 350 Squirrel. Greg’s son Jaz also flies the Bell Jetranger and B2 Squirrel

Contact Us – Helisika Helicopters

P O Box 51482
Auckland 2140

Phone: Hanger 09 296 5337 Brittany, Greg, Jaz
  A/H 09 537 1231 Greg
  Mobile 0274934037 Greg
  Mobile 0275645394 Jaz
Email info@helisikahelicopters.co.nz

CAA – 135, 137 Approved Certificate Holders

Greg, Jaz & the team at Helisika Helicopters
thank everyone for your overwhelming support during
the recent events.

We really appreciate it!!!

"The good news is...it's Business as usual"